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DentistOttawa is the city’s most complete directory of dentist offices in the Ottawa area. Whether you are looking for a general dentist, an orthodontist for your kids, information about a procedure such as teeth whitening or a trying to find a specialist; DentistOttawa provides the information you need to find and select the right dentist for you.

Search quickly and effectively by neighbourhood or speciality. Select the type of dental professional you need:

Dentist in Ottawa Orthodontist in Ottawa Cosmetic Dentist in Ottawa Dental Specialist in Ottawa

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Healthy Teeth Tip

When choosing a dentist be sure to consider your dentist's office hours and proximity to your home or office. One of the most important facets of proper oral hygiene is establishing a regular routine of examinations and proffesional cleaning. Making sure your trip to the dentist is convinent will prevent you from finding an excuse not to visit. Trust us that after the dentist clean teeth feeling will be worth it...+more

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